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Timothy signed for release in UK (Jan 3, 2002)
New website for Timothy goes on-line (Jan 2, 2002)
Timothy demo available (Aug 30, 2001)

Looking for a demo version? Click here to download it (about 70 MB).

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Timothy box picture

Title: Timothy
Genre: kids/family games
Ages: 3-10 years old

  Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Pentium 133
CD-ROM x 4
1 MB graphic card
Sound card

Game published by:
  IM Group (Poland)
Cenega (Czech Republic, worldwide)
Akaei (United Kingdom)
Akella (Russia)


Screenshot Timothy used to live a happy and peaceful life with his friends on their quiet, beautiful island. Everything was perfect until an evil Prince showed up and captured Basil, the butterfly. Now Timothy has to find his Kingdom of Darkness and rescue the friend. It won't be easy, because in order to reach his destination, our hero needs to complete scattered pieces of the Magic Portal first. The quest begins now...

Screenshot Timothy is a game targeted at a young audience. It's a blend of storytelling and many diversified mini-games (action, logic, education, puzzle, etc.) which easily bring fun to kids as well as their parents. The product contains no aggression scenes and is designed to develop young minds while playing.

We strongly encourage you to explore these pages to find out more about the product...

Game features

Fun, a lot of fun.
Product consists of a big amount of mini-games, which are very entertaining. Many of them are based on popular, real-world games, so children will find something they are familiar with, while the rest is something new but always easy to get into and very fun.

We didn't want to produce another boring math teacher that kids dislike so much, so we decided to avoid straight, school-type education. There's no tests, quizes or suspicious puzzles. Our goal, instead, is to teach children thinking and solving problems, thus developing their mind skills.

Screenshot High quality graphics.
Usually games for kids are being done in cartoon style. While it's OK, we wanted our product to be compelling and unique, so we've chosen other way and now we introduce something exceptionally beautiful - 3D rendered graphics, the same as in "Shrek" or "Toy Story". Just take a look at the screenshots - isn't this artwork lovely, and so much different from everything you've seen so far? Now you can spend time in a world that is very rich, very "juicy", something you really feel and believe in.

The product is built of many mini-parts, where each is a separate game of distinct style and theme. All those are so different that everyone can find something to play with, and you will see no trace of boredom here.

Screenshot Non-linear, open construction.
At every time children can choose any mini-game they want to play. First of all we want kids to have fun, so there's no need to do math first, if they want to draw. If they feel like doing music, then go ahead - do whatever you want and enjoy it!

Long play time.
Because of this construction, kids can spend a lot of time at any place, choosing their favorite games. What's more, every game develops with you - the better you get, the harder and more challenging it goes. This way children won't get bored with product too soon and they will use it for many hours, just like their best toy.

Screenshot Simple and intuitive.
The game is for kids, thus it's construction is simple enough so that parents won't have to assist their children. It's real plug&play - simply put the CD into drive, place your kid in front of the monitor and return after few hours - you will find him (or her) playing and smiling.

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